Thunder Valley

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I was able to watch all of the motos as they happened, the first motos on NBC Sports and then the second motos on It worked out perfectly. I thought Weege and Fro did a good job during the broadcast. The pit reporter gal didn't stink quite as bad as at Hangtown.

Villopoto was incredible,again. It was good that Dungey was a little closer but Villopoto still has him covered. I am not sure how much more speed Villopoto has available and I am sure we won't find out until he has a first turn pile up or something. I think Dungey will continue to keep Villopoto honest but it doesn't seem that anyone can beat Villopoto straight up at this point, but Dungey is the closest. Stewart looked really bad in the first moto. I know he had the crash with Weimer but he didn't go nearly as well as he did in the second moto. He mentioned bike set up and that makes sense to explain the difference in the two motos. Stewart can't ride with the two Ryans. I wonder if he will get up to their speed this summer or not. Canard and Barcia are doing a solid job. I might have expected a little more from Barcia considering his SX season and his previous 450 outdoor rides. I expect that he will stick his front wheel a little closer to Stewart and the Ryans soon. I am not sure if he has anything for them consistently but I think he will get up there a run with them a little more throughout the season. Canard is riding really well. SX was weird, he started very well, especially considering coming off his injury. I was very impressed. As the season went on, he started to as if you might expect someone coming off the serious injury that he'd had. His SX season wasn't in the correct order, if that makes any sense. His outdoor rides are what I would normally expect from Canard but his SX season being so up and down, I am glad to see him riding so well. I think he will stick his wheel in there a little but maybe not as often as Barcia. Canard is one of the guys that I really pull for. I hope he does enough to stay at Honda for a long while. I think he would make a great champion but the Ryans will likely prevent that for some time. Good ride for Alessi. I thought that he might have been a little faster here and there outdoors, but it would seem that the pace is a little over him and without holeshots, we won't see him latch on for some of the moto. Good ride for Alessi though. I was impressed with Dessalle and Strijbos. They flew over, tested for two days and rode very well. I think it shows how strong they and the FIM guys are now. I do think that on a normal track, no one in the world have anything for the Ryans though. I know Reed is dealing with illness and I am glad he gets out there and does it for the fans but I was sad to him so off the pace. I want him to be in the mix. I was so impressed with his outdoor run before he tried to fly, I want to see that Chad Reed again. I think that we will before the summer is over.