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I didn't make it out to any outdoors this year. My work schedule is the main reason but I must say that I couldn't get excited to go to Lake Elsinore. I used to always make it to Glen Helen, but my work schedule was better for that stuff back then. I thought about going to Hangtown, but the drive for me is just far enough that I prefer grabbing a hotel. So, I always say, I'll just go to the SoCal round. Then the SoCal round comes close and it is super hot and the championship is wrapped up, so I pass. It is pretty much the same reason that I have been to a million A1's but zero Las Vegas rounds of SX. For some reason when a series is new, anything seems possible. Of course, not really, but we all think it could be possible.
The TV coverage is also part of the blame for me not being as motivated to go to an outdoor round. I know that everyone bitches about changing channels and that they did too much of this or not enough of that. I am happy with the coverage. Could it be better, sure. Will it get better, I imagine it will continue to improve. The main thing to consider is this, is it better than what we all grew up watching? Hell yes. Mostly, I watched the races through the CycleNews article the following week.
Would I have gone to the last round had it been at Glen Helen? I think I would have been more likely to have gone but not for sure. I love Glen Helen, the Glen Helen that you get when you have a national. The Glen Helen that puts a ton of water on the track and rips it super deep. The Glen Helen that has huge hills and a super gnarly outdoor track. I have raced many Vet/4-stroke national races on that track with all the water and ripped deep and even some hills. It is awesome, I love it, respect it, and it makes want to see the fastest guys in the world tame it (somewhat). I have raced Lake Elsinore, the old track, not the current track. It doesn't appeal to me the way Glen Helen does. So, I think for the hard core moto guys, the man made tracks for an outdoor national, loses some of its appeal. It sounds like Glen Helen is staying off the schedule for now, maybe forever. I do appreciate that a modernized facility is appealing. It is why I would bring my family to a SX race and go with my buddies to an outdoor MX race.
I think Motocross is going to survive, I think it is better than it has been in the past. I think as the economy slowly improves, we will see a few more teams out there again. I doubt the economy and thus the pits will ever be what it was 2005-ish. I think Ryan Villopoto is on another level, I think Ryan Dungey is working his butt off the make up the difference.

Just a little side note, I still think it is interesting that Pulp is super popular in the podcasts and such but the forum has never caught on. I don't want it to become a VitalMX forum but it would be nice if the people who simply love to benchrace would show up here on a regular basis. I read VitalMX regularly but rarely post because the stupid factor is too damn high. So I encourage those of us that do pass through here to post a little more often.

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Thanks for coming here and posting, I appreciate it and it would be good if more people posted here (but too many!)

As far as your post, I don't get the GH love. But I'm not from Socal or anything so maybe that's it. The track has hills yes annnndddd what else? It's hot as balls like the other tracks, it doesnt have great traction (like other tracks) it's hard to get in and out of for a national (like other tracks)... I'm just not sure other than the hills why it's so awesome.

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I suppose the TV coverage contributes to keeping me home instead of going to Washougal or Safeco Field in Seattle. I think the tv/internet coverage is great. Weege does a great job and Emig has grown on me too.

One of the things I always bitch about when this topic comes up is view blocking banners, beer gardens that block the view and hospitality areas that block the view. I hate all 3 and all 3 could be fixed easily. I just flat out wont go to a race if I have to look around that crap all time.

I miss the Kingdome round of sx. It was at a perfect time for me when Im not very busy with work and I never had to worry about being cold and wet from rain.

I see they got the GH round back. That's good. The Miller and Elsinor rounds are not good for the sport.

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