New Numbers, Zach on 16 and Eli on 3

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I'm all for the numbering system that the AMA uses right now, but I don't think that riders should be able to take numbers of riders that are still actively using them even if they don't get the required 25 points. John Dowd and Mike Brown still actively raced selected pro level events and ran their respective numbers and were competitive with the existing racers. Plus I think it is a little disrespectful for a rider to take and existing rider's number. If a rider retires then I'm all for another rider taking that number like #4 or #14. I just think that Brownie and Dowd were still actively promoting themselves as #3 and #16 and it brought them some sponsorship money, that will no longer be available to them. I think Zach should have jumped on 14 and kept it within Geico honda and I think Eli should have stayed away from Brown's #3. Any other opinions out there?

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Its neither here nor there for me. Ive never been a big fan of having permanent numbers though I must agree it makes it much easier to identify the riders out on the track. I don't have to have scorecard for the first half dozen rounds because I cant remember who has what #.

As far as taking Browns and Dowds numbers, I suppose it takes a wee bit of sponsorship interest away but by this time in their careers they should have made most of the money they will make racing.

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to be Brownie will always be 100 and i remember dowd for his time wearing 9 more than 16. I understand the whole number thing important to the riders. I know if someone took my 95 I'd be pretty upset but Brownie and Dowdy were not gonna run the monster cup so I don't see a problem with guys showcasing the new digits. Plus it allows photographers to get shots for signage and advertisement for the 2014 season


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