PulpMX Fantasy League Rules

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The rules are as follows:

Choose Top 5 picks for both the 250 and 450. For each correct position you will get 5 points. Also, if any of your choices are not exactly correct but are still in the top 5 you will get 1 point for each.

Example- If your top 5 choices are 1- RC, 2- JS, 3- Reed, 4-DV, 5-Wey and then the official results were 1-RC, 2- JS, 3- DV, 4- Reed, 5- Ferry. You would get 5 points each for RC and Stewart for those positions being correct. You would also get 1 point each for DV and Reed since you had them in your top 5 but the did not finish in the exact poistion you chose, and 0 points for Wey since he would have not finished in the top 5.

There will also be a 10 bonus points for anyone who guesses the correct 10th place rider each week in the 450 class. That way if you are behind or miss a week, you have a chance to catch back up.

Deadline for picks is 1 hour before the event starts.
For SX the event officially starts at 7PM per the AMA's schedule so 6PM is the deadline for getting in your picks.

For MX, the first moto usually starts at 1:00pm, so you will need your picks in by 12:00pm of the time zone the race is located.

Any questions just PM the moderator Smith201 and he will answer them for you.

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Sorry. Posted in wrong place.

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